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Exciting New Tools For Designers, September 2023

At the end of another summer, we are all getting ready to knuckle down for some serious work in the fall. But we want to help you work smarter, not harder, so to that end, we’d like to present you with this latest round of exciting new tools for designers and developers.

We’ve found a promising new AI-powered image editor, a point-and-click WordPress editor, and a handy UI component library, along with some other treats to keep you productive and not just busy. You’re welcome!


Modyfi is an AI-driven image creator and editor that works with both bitmap and vector. It is browser-based — so platform-agnostic — and allows for collaboration. 


Workvio is a work management platform for freelancers. With time tracking, project management, invoicing, and expenses. Currently in beta, the first 1,000 to sign up get it free.


Thread is an AI for creating wireframes. Tell it what you want a wireframe for, and it will create one following best design practices that you can then customize.


Microthemer is a visual CSS editor for WordPress. It creates an alternative style sheet that overrides your theme’s existing CSS, so you can quickly revert to the theme defaults.


If you’re a fan of the popular Y2K trend, then this metallic UI component set will come in handy. Choose from silver, copper, gold, or custom color finishes.


Specify is a design data platform for managing design tokens and assets automatically. It connects to various tools and apps to collect, store, update, and distribute all your design tokens efficiently.


Zoommy helps with every designer’s (not) favorite task: finding the right stock photo. It will search for keywords, emojis, colors, or shapes from 50 royalty-free or Creative Commons Zero sources.

Noise & Gradient

Noise & Gradient generates gradient textures based on the colors you give it and outputs it as a downloadable jpg. Great for backgrounds.


Tower has just released version 10 of the popular git client for macOS. New features include some much-requested syntax coloring.

Figr 2.0

Figr allows you to copy the design templates of successful apps and edit them in Figma. You can mix and match — excellent for that client who wants a home page like Apple’s, with a menu like Squarespace’s and a footer like The Gap’s.

Radix Themes

Radix is an open-source React UI component library for fast development of accessible apps. Easy to set up and use.


Skunk is the latest offering from wwwows themes. If you are looking for something with a robust geometric aesthetic, this is worth considering.


Patterns helps you find the ideal UI component by collating and searching through multiple component collections for you. Search by design system or by component type.


Frontyssey is a learning platform with a difference — instead of tutorials, you get daily code challenges to complete. Whether you are a designer taking your first coding steps or an experienced front-end developer who wants an extra workout, this could be perfect.


LazyIcons is a Figma plugin that simplifies the icon design process. It has a comprehensive library of diverse and customizable icons to help speed up your workflow

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